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Special Features Laurie Hernandez, Diane Guerrero, Amara La Negra And More



HABLA NOW, the latest installment of the award-winning “Habla” series from HBO Latino, debuts FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 (9:00-10:00 pm ET/PT). The one-hour documentary special features testimonials from U.S. Latinos sharing their personal experiences directly to the camera for a national audience, in both English and Spanish. The special features chef and humanitarian José Andrés, Olympian Laurie Hernandez, actress Diane Guerrero, and many more.

HABLA NOW will be available on HBO Latino and to stream on HBO Max.

“Habla” is a landmark public affairs news and documentary program featuring interviews with everyday heroes, a cadre of inspiring celebrities and influential Latinos from all walks of life who, through their reflections and testimonies, lift the voices of the nearly 50 million+ Latinos who live and thrive in the United States. Sometimes funny, often poignant, always truthful, the program provides a platform to reflect, celebrate and honor the humanity and strength of individual Latino lives. The stories told have an educational and cultural impact not only on the fast-growing American Latino community, but also with a broader audience. The universal experiences shared in “Habla” provide an opportunity to bridge cultural gaps in both directions.

“The Latino population is incredibly diverse, but it’s often painted with a wide monochromatic brush,” says director and series creator, Alberto Ferreras. “Since 2003, ‘Habla’ (Speak Up) has created a space to include Latinos from all walks of life in order to lift up the voices and experiences of this group, and better reflect our depth and diversity. With this latest installment of the series, we hope to spark thoughtful conversation and build bridges of understanding, as we work together to reimagine a more just and inclusive United States of America.”


HABLA NOW features the contributions of the following talent:


  • José Andrés (Spanish chef/humanitarian) discusses food as the solution to the world’s biggest problems.


  • Ozzie Areu (Cuban-American Founder and CEO of Areu Bros. Studios) reflects on how and why he created the first major Latino film studio in the U.S.


  • Mariana Atencio (Venezuelan award-winning journalist/author/public speaker) comments on Latinos and their relationship with the news, journalism and the truth.


  • Carmen Carrera (Puerto Rican/Peruvian American TV personality/activist) talks about the importance of family support for trans people.


  • Arturo Castro (Guatemalan actor/comedian) explains the idea of being 200%, 100% Latino and 100% American.


  • Diane Guerrero (Colombian actress) considers the traumatic consequences of family separation.


  • Nely Galan (Cuban entrepreneur) talks about the importance of understanding the Latino immigrant experience and cultivating your political voice.


  • Laurie Hernandez (Puerto Rican olympian) reminisces on how her family’s support helped her become an Olympic champion.


  • Mark Hugo Lopez (Mexican-American Director of Global Migration & Demography Research at Pew Research Center) breaks down surprising Latino statistics.


  • Cristina Jimenez (Ecuadorian immigration activist) discusses growing up undocumented in the US and learning to fight for your rights.


  • Amara La Negra (Dominican singer/actress/activist) reflects on racism and social activism amongst Latinos.


  • Justina Machado (Puerto Rican actress) talks about intolerance among Latinos.


  • Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (Mexican American environmental activist) examines Latinos and their relationship to environmental justice.


  • Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez (Puerto Rican graphic novelist) educates us on Puerto Rican mythology and “family” as a Latino superpower.

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